The foundations of architecture and design lie in the powerful process of creativity and in the mastering of craftsmanship. At LAB SQUARE, we estimate the individual characteristics of each project and work towards creating innovative designs that comply with our clients' vision. Moreover, we understand the budgeting and operational constraints of each project and perform accordingly. We believe that close collaboration and intelligent visual communication are the keys to successful design.

LABSQUARE is a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm specialized in Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering and Planning familiar with the local and international standards. Our proven approach has been applied to a diverse range of projects covering residential, commercial, institutional, governmental and other infrastructural facilities in the Middle Eastern Gulf and African markets.

Our goal is to deliver architectural projects that are exciting, yet affordable, that result in high quality spaces which are inviting, functional and sustainable.

We share a common mission of providing responsive design; technological expertise and exceptional service in order to come up with the best possible facilities that lasts. It is our responsibility to focus on our clients' functional and cultural needs, drawing on our research and experience to create feasible solutions. We learned to gain our costumers' trust by making them achieve their goals.
From the very beginning, LAB SQUARE core focus is the client. Together with the client we set up the vision of the project and assess its feasibility. LAB SQUARE principals set the strategy of the project evolution and its objective in accordance with the client’s needs. At the end of this phase a feasibility study is presented highlighting the scheme of the project with its built up area, functions and a primal assumption of the project total cost.
Our Design process starts with a deep research and understanding of the context as a whole, the circulation and the future structure’s functionality revolving around a solid concept by creating an exclusive structure while optimizing its viability. Real like views, rendered plans and walkthroughs are presented in order to clearly convey our vision.
LAB SQUARE strength lies in transforming vision into reality. Deep research, high level drawings, close coordination with all parties, large materials database aid us to reach the end product we promised our client to deliver. Our staff is trained to use the latest drafting and modeling software as well as the state-of-the-art technological tools to translate our vision into a buildable end-product.
Our attention to details and systematic production process sustain our high quality deliverables. We believe that in order to achieve a consistent product, the Architecture, Landscape and the Interior should be designed in parallel. LAB SQUARE delivers turnkey design. Specialized team members place their expertise in every project in order to optimize the design quality. Our professionals specialized in different fields allow LAB SQUARE to adapt to the client’s need if only one segment of the designed scope is required. Every design phase is allocated a particular amount of time taking into account the client’s required deadline without compromising the design and development quality. Quality is of LAB SQUARE primary concerns, but we value our client’s time and our deadlines are sacred.
It is not enough to have great design on paper. LABSQUARE team believes that every design needs a close site follow up in order to achieve the details and quality required. All our projects have grown within LAB SQUARE and we thrive in seeing them up being brought up to light with compliance to our primary vision.
This is dummy copy. These are the foundations of our architectural practice. Gwathmey Siegel Kaufman’s approach is built not on a pre-determined aesthetic or a rigid “signature style.” It grows naturally from a quest for ideas and answers.
Designs are never imposed. They evolve from a rigorous inquiry into the particulars of location and program. They represent our determined belief that we can transform problem-solving into art.
Stephanie FeghaliManaging Director / Partner
Bechara GhanemExecutive Director / Partner
Edmond SaadehArchitect
Jad NasrArchitect
Ibrahim HaddadArchitect
Cynthia KhouryArchitect
Mirza MounsefSite Coordinator
Stephanie HajjAccountant
Remond NaderSite Supervisor
Hani HabchiSite Supervisor
Hanadi MakhloufAdministrative Assistant
Fahed HindiOffice Attendant
Stephanie Feghali
Managing Director / Partner
Bechara Ghanem
Executive Director / Partner
Edmond Saadeh
Jad Nasr
Ibrahim Haddad
Cynthia Khoury
Mirza Mounsef
Site Coordinator
Stephanie Hajj
Remond Nader
Site Supervisor
Hani Habchi
Site Supervisor
Hanadi Makhlouf
Administrative Assistant
Fahed Hindi
Office Attendant
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